It’s been one year its been 5 months, I didnt think I would make it. It’s rough it’s been slow. not sure how im taking it. I choose to smile, to laugh. I love and I live. I choose to Weird, I choose not to take but to give. I’m different now, yet I’m remaining sane. Somedays I just float around. Sometimes I’m good, really good. Some emotions turn me upside down. I didnt mean for this monologue to rhyme but not like its gonna sound any better. I’m not depressed, I’m finding happiness everyday, I know some things DO last forever…

I feel some covers coming on….maybe some Brandy, some Lauryn, some Erykah, even some Usher mashups….ahhh the good times..Feel free to make suggestions…


Paramore: Now

Paramore’s new video for ‘Now’ is now available on YouTube! Watch it above and click HERE to check out the band’s YouTube channel for more videos from the band.

Via self-titled life

Let me part my lips…not to kiss you or to experience your warm, true kiss. But to sing to you, may you experience…bliss… 

Today is a listen to Seal, wear purple lipstick guitar playing kind of day…Join me?

Me and some of my besties…from ECU (NC) to DC to Atlanta…

Ne-Yo - Lazy Love (Explicit) (by NeYoVEVO)

Been vibing on this entire album for a while…Love is the name of the game, whether its love of money, love of someone else, or love to feel loved…#February 

Robyn - Hang with Me (by RobynVEVO)

This song has been very relevant in my life for the past year…being single and being on my own so much has given me so much time to think…and I just want someone that can “Hang With Me”…

Robyn - Dream On (by RobynVEVO)

You won’t be broken tonight…so dream ON

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